5 healthiest ways to drink your coffee

healthy coffee

Coffee is likely a big part of your morning routine. And for good reason! In addition to the stimulating effects of caffeine, recent research conducted in 2021 revealed several health benefits. However, not all cups of coffee are created equal. It’s important to keep in mind these 5 things to ensure you’re drinking a healthy cup of coffee.

Add turmeric and cinnamon for an antioxidant boost

Not only are cinnamon and turmeric tasty and all natural, the antioxidants contained in each are a powerful addition to any healthy cup. Replace that vanilla creamer with some healthy cinnamon and a dash of milk. You’ll be surprised how much you like it. 

Use a natural sweetener… if you have to sweeten it

While sugar is healthier than artificial sweeteners, you can do even better. Using a natural sweetener such as stevia or monk fruit is a great way to sweeten up your cup while also keeping it healthy

Ditch the sugary flavorings

Adding some french vanilla creamer to a cup of coffee can definitely make it tasty! However, you’re basically adding artificially flavored sugar-milk. That’s ok in moderation, but try not to make a habit of using flavored creamers with every cup. 

Measure how much sugar you put in

If you must use sugar, make sure you measure it out and stay disciplined. If you want to do even better, try to cut back gradually over time. For example, instead of dumping an entire packet of sugar in your first cup, share the packet across 2 cups.

Don’t drink it on an empty stomach

There are two big problems with this. For starters, the acidity of coffee can upset an empty stomach. Perhaps even more worrisome, however, is a finding from a new study out of the University of Bath that showed drinking coffee on an empty stomach can actually result in your blood sugar to spike. The way to fight this is to make sure you’re drinking coffee alongside a healthy breakfast.