SmartJava coffee bag standing upright
Healthy nutrition label showing vitamins and nootropics
Bag of SmartJava coffee with arrows that point out all of it's health benefits. Focus, memory, immunity, mood, brain cell protection, and brain energy
SmartJava coffee nicely decorated for the holidays
A box of SmartJava healthy coffee pods for Keurig coffee machines
Nutrition label showing healthy vitamins and nootropics for SmartJava
SmartJava coffee pods nicely arranged
SmartJava Brain Boost Coffee
SmartJava coffee box and coffee pods with arrows showing all the health benefits. Focus, mental clarity, memory, brain energy, brain cell protection
SmartJava coffee pods and a fresh home made cup of healthy coffee with nootropics and vitamins in it
A woman placing a SmartJava coffee pod into a Keurig machine

SmartJava Brain Boost Coffee

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Think faster, focus harder, and remember more. Gourmet specialty-grade coffee, enriched with brain boost. 

L-Theanine and Alpha GPC are natural nootropics that elevate brain neurotransmitter activity.

Vitamins B1, B6, B9, and B12 are vital for brain energy.

Antioxidants contained in turmeric and cinnamon protect brain cells from age related degeneration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Brendan F
Try it - thank me later

I waited a few weeks to try this but I should have gotten it sooner. Aroma is perfect to wake up to. Tastes great. I can feel the difference from the vitamins. All in all a great product. Will buy more.

Jenny P

Amazing coffee and it's healthy. Tastes better than anything I've bought at the store.

Mike A
Expensive but worth it

Giving it 4 stars just because it's a little pricey. However it really is great coffee. I do notice a slight lift compared to drinking regular coffee and so I can confirm it works.

Clara G
Can taste the quality

This taste way better than the Starbucks coffee I normally drink, and I do feel a difference with the brain focus nutrients that are in it. The best part is I can't taste them... they don't impact the flavor of the coffee at all. Amazing coffee.

Rohan P
Thank you!!!

This coffee works wonders for me. The taste is what I first noticed - so good! And I do feel sharper after drinking it. Buying more for sure.